The Second Impeachment of Donald Trump

Robert Joseph, aka Rush Geek
5 min readFeb 9, 2021

If you don’t know right from wrong..than nothing from anyone, including myself, can help you, no matter what you’re shown or told…

You’re a lost cause…

So this post isn’t for you…this is for people who might get caught up or entangled in the argument about Trump’s “Free Speech” or the Republicans “No longer in Office” defenses.

But as usual..the key to understanding all of this is in the obvious..

Their goal is to make you question your common twist your mind into a knot of “what ifs”…

That’s the trap…

Remember..their goal is to confuse you and hide truth..

To handle this..all you have to do is ask yourself is what could be reasonably expected to happen..

That’s how you judge Mr.Trump’s actions.

In his case, he spent many months, from the office of the Presidency, telling everyone through his Twitter account, his Press Secretary and his allies like Rudolph Giuliani, that the election was being stolen from him and his supporters. Donald Trump told them they were being ripped off and violated. And their country was being taken away from them. And even more..he told his supporters who and what was responsible..the Democrats, a rigged election; the mainstream media, Mike Pence and even United States Supreme Court!

He gave them an enemy and told them to do save themselves, him and the country..

So Donald Trump gathered his supporters together; stoked their fears and emotions..warned them that if the Election Results were certified, as constitutionally mandated; and Joe Biden was officially and irrevocably recognized as to having won the 2020 Presidential election, than that act represented a tangible and real threat to their freedom, their liberties, their well being and their way of life..and then he turned them loose and told them to go to the Capitol..

So his message was clear:

It had to be stopped. Just as he had tried to do for months though 60 lost court challenges and by calling on individual state election officials to overturn election results in key battleground states he lost.

Everyone knew what he was doing and how he felt because Donald Trump told everyone in tweets. And he validated his actions with all kinds of theories, threats and accusations.

Then Donald Trump effectively told his supporters he had done everything he could.

And now it was up to them. So ask yourself what could you reasonably expect his supporters to do??

They had already voted. They had attended his rallies. They listened to his speeches.They read his tweets. Moreover, they weren’t congressmen or senators.

Ask yourself..what options were available to them..

And what’s equally important to consider is what Donald Trump didn’t do… because if he wasn’t being literal, he would have said so…because that’s what people make sure nobody gets the wrong idea.

In addition, Donald Trump did nothing to disabuse the idea of possible violence. In other words, he did nothing to prevent violence. That’s a passive aggressive move. And it’s also obvious, irresponsible and indefensible.

So now the most important questions you need to ask yourself is…without his actions:

Would they have been in DC on January 6? Would they have felt the way they did? Would they have gone to the Capitol?

We all know all about sports coaches giving inspirational speeches to a losing team with the hope of winning the game in the end..

To pull victory from the jaws of defeat. Well, that’s what he did too. We know that because Donald Trump refused to acknowledge that he lost. He didn’t call Joe Biden and concede. Instead, he kept trying to overturn the election.

So Donald Trump was their coach. Their Commander in Chief. Their President. Their leader. He called them to arms. Called them to act on his behalf. Or the election would be stolen from him.

He knew it. And so did they. They have said so.

Donald Trump made it about him.

And the consequences were all foreseeable. And not just by me. Even some elected officials warned that his rhetoric would get someone killed.

And that’s exactly what happened to a Capitol Police officer…who was murdered by a mob egged on by Donald Trump.

His personal freedom to speak doesn’t change what his actions were.

That’s like arguing a spouse is free to have sex with whomever they like. And that’s true. But their actions still represents infidelity and means they committed adultery.

It is the act they committed while exercising their “freedom” that is the issue, not the freedom itself. So it’s the act that is being judged. That means it’s their behavior that matters. Not the freedom to do it.

That’s what you must remember.

Also, the whole “Not in office” defense is dumb. And Republicans know it. Frankly, it’s so weak it is absurd. And laughable.

In essence, Republicans are trying to tell us because they went home. And didn’t hold the trial..that’s why they can’t have a trial.

Or in other words, they didn’t do their job, so now they can’t do their job because they didn’t do their job.

Now does that make sense to you?

Think about this way..if your paydays are on Fridays. And your boss went home. And didn’t pay you on Friday..Then on Monday, you asked for your check, and he said, “No. I can’t pay you. Paydays are Fridays only. So since I didn’t pay you Friday, I can’t pay you now.”

Would you accept that? No. Because we expect people to do their jobs. And that’s not an unreasonable expectation.

So if you did the work. Than you know you deserved to get paid. And I guarantee you would demand it. I definitely know you wouldn’t “move on”, as Lindsey Graham ludicrously tried to imply. Because you would know where the fault lies.

No thinking person would doubt themselves. They would know better than that. And it’s the same thing here. The House impeached Donald Trump while he was in office. That means he gets tried.

In the Senate.

That’s the process. And that is in the Constitution. There is nothing in it about when.

The only thing that could be legitimately considered is the general idea of his “due process”..such as his right to a speedy trial and defense..

All of which Donald Trump has been given. That really can’t be hard to understand. Can it?

Focus on what Donald Trump did. Don’t pay attention to anything else. Or these stupid, nonsensical arguments. Because all they do is insult your intelligence.

If you do that, any reasonable person would conclude that regarding the impeachment charge of instigating an insurrection..

Donald Trump is guilty.

As sin.



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