Capitol Riot…a family conversation

Robert Joseph, aka Rush Geek
3 min readJan 16, 2021

A few days ago…I confronted family over the Capitol Riot…in DC, on January 6, 2021.

Basically, I said the storming, invasion and occupation of the U.S, Capitol Building, was an act of insurrection…an armed rebellion…to overturn a legal and legitimate election for the presidency of the United States…a failed coup, instigated by Donald Trump…aided and abetted by a complicit Republican party…was UNACCEPTABLE

The images of that horrific act are frightening and tragic. Our country’s lawmakers were forced to cower behind and under desks and tables hoping an armed and angry lynch mob didn’t find them and possibly kidnap or kill them…and some people died. A police officer was killed.

This was indefensible and unconscionable.

So I told them the only legitimate response to it…is to denounce, repudiate, condemn and reject all those involved.

To plant a flag. Draw a red line.

Because , “this was not ok.”

And I said, “with regret”…meaning I take no pleasure in feeling this way, but if my family didn’t acknowledge the necessity of calling this violent act of rebellion and sedition for what it is…I would be profoundly and deeply disappointed in them, as family members, human beings and American citizens.

Unfortunately, rather than acknowledge the indisputable truth of the Capitol Riot, and what that represents to our nation, which is:

A clear and present danger to American democracy…

I was told, “It is my God given right to believe whatever I want.”

And that’s true. Everyone is free to believe whatever they like…however that misses the point.

The truth is…not everything a person believes is sound, reasonable and productive. Nor does it mean everything they believe is “ok”…or should go unchallenged.

Some of our ideas, principles and behavior deserve scrutiny, deserves to be called out and deserves to be pushed back on…

And part of our responsibility as family, friends and citizens…part of our commitment to each other, is to speak up..for what is right and just for the well being, safety: preservation and prosperity of everyone, and for the sake of our civil society.

So for the good of all, rather than remain silent, I spoke up, and in effect, I was told, “mind your business.”

As if the safety, well being and survival of our democracy and our public safety isn’t “everyone’s business.”

But the truth is..right is right…and wrong is wrong.

And a terrible threat to our democracy and to our public safety, because of the rioters and insurrectionists violent conduct, should not be reduced to, “political affiliation”, as my family member claimed.

As if calling something “politics” made it any less wrong or reprehensible.

Nope. Calling it “just politics” is just an excuse people use to justify poor behavior, bad judgment, petulance and defiance.

That’s why I didn’t accept that answer, so I told that person, “You’re wrong.”And I didn’t back down…I didn’t give into the call for “unity.” On top of that, I was also warned about “irreconcilable differences”…And in effect told to shut up for the sake of the family…And when I didn’t..My past actions were miscast

Than my character was trashed. I was called names I don’t think I should repeat here. But the words used to describe me were awful and vile..

And the apology I received afterwards was, “I apologize. The name calling was unnecessary.”

And when I responded with, “you’re apology didn’t go far enough.”

My reaction was met with a “how dare you” reject this apology mindset..and a “I fervently hope you accept it” wish.

Do you know what “unnecessary” sounds like to me, Well…that’s like when someone asks me,“You need some sleep?”…And I go, “Nah. I’ll get some later.”

Because necessary is all about whether something is needed..

So would it be acceptable to you if…someone Spit on you…Slapped your face…Stomped your stomach…Pissed on your shoes

And their apology later was, “I apologize. That was unnecessary.

I can’t speak for you…but it wasn’t enough for me. Moreover, the family silence…as I was trampled on spoke of approval , consent and agreement…And that hurt most of all because I can’t deny that I felt betrayed as I stood alone amongst family whose support I hoped I would receive.

But the good news is…I’m ok. And while I’m disappointed...

I’m not dispirited.

I’m strong.



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